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  • Business Card

Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. A business card typically includes the giver's name, company or business affiliation (usually with a logo) and contact information such as street addresses, telephone number(s), fax number, e-mail addresses and website. Before the advent of electronic communication business cards might also include telex details. Now they may include social media addresses such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Traditionally many cards were simple black text on white stock; today a professional business card will sometimes include one or more aspects of striking visual design.

- Wikipedia

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  • Flyer

A flyer (or flier) is a form of paper advertisement intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public place, handed out to individuals or sent through the mail.
Flyers are most often used for:

  • Event announcements
  • Advertising openings for new clubs, bars, restaurants, etc
  • Fact sheets handed out at trade shows or conferences.
  • As handouts and newspaper/magazine inserts
  • As information sheets, as part of a promotional campaign
  • Other general localized advertisements

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Printing & Other Services

A brochure is an informative paper document (often also used for advertising), that can be folded into a template, pamphlet or leaflet. Brochures are advertising pieces mainly used to introduce a company or organization and inform about products or services to a target audience.

  • Notepad

a small pad of paper, fastened along one edge, on which to jot down notes, reminders, or other information

  • Corporate File Folder

Corporate / Presentation folders come in many different styles to suit a variety of purposes. Most all are produced by a company to provide marketing for a product (business) and/or service, but they can fulfil other functions. A few examples would be a company producing a new product and wanted to show their customers all the benefits of that product in an organized fashion, or folders used to organise documents for distribution to delegates at a conference.

Some types of presentation folders:

  • Standard 9" x 12" two-pocket
  • Tri-fold or Tri-panel
  • Capacity (usually with a 1/4"+ spine to hold more)
  • Tabbed (for use in hanging files or filing cabinets)
  • Mini or small
  • Green or Eco-friendly
  • Table Calendar - Create your own branding with us

A calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes. This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months and years. A date is the designation of a single, specific day within such a system. A calendar is also a physical record (often paper) of such a system. A calendar can also mean a list of planned events, such as a court calendar or a partly or fully chronological list of documents, such as a calendar of wills.

  • Notebook

Promotional Notebook -

  • Create custom notebooks and help your ideas stay together while promoting your brand!
  • Individual corporate notebooks offer lots of space for your image ... For a new freedom – and more than just beautiful books with a logo.

  • Paper Bag with your own design

History of Paper Bag
In 1852, Francis Wolle, a schoolteacher, invented the first machine to mass-produce paper bags.[1] Wolle and his brother patented the machine and founded the Union Paper Bag Company.

In 1871, inventor Margaret E. Knight designed a machine that could create flat-bottomed paper bags, which could carry more than the previous envelope-style design.

In 1883, Charles Stilwell patented a machine that made square-bottom paper bags with pleated sides, making them easier to fold and store.[2] This style of bag came to be known as the S.O.S., or "Self-Opening Sack".[3]

In 1912, Walter Deubener, a grocer in Saint Paul, Minnesota, used cord to reinforce paper bags and add carrying handles. These "Deubener Shopping Bags" could carry up to 75 pounds at a time, and became quite popular, selling over a million bags a year by 1915. Paper bags with handles later became the standard for department stores, and were often printed with the store's logo or brand colors.

Plastic bags were introduced in the 1970s, and thanks to their lower cost, eventually replaced paper bags as the bag of choice for grocery stores.[4] With the trend towards phasing out lightweight plastic bags, though, some grocers and shoppers have switched back to paper bags.[5]

In 2015, the world's largest paper shopping bag was made in the UK and recorded by Guinness World Records.[6]

  • Letterhead

is the heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper (stationery). That heading usually consists of a name and an address, and a logo or corporate design, and sometimes a background pattern. The term "letterhead" is often used to refer to the whole sheet imprinted with such a heading.
Many companies and individuals prefer to create a letterhead template in a word processor or other software application. This generally includes the same information as pre-printed stationery, but at lower cost. Letterhead can then be printed on stationery (or plain paper) as needed on a local output device or sent electronically.
Letterheads are generally printed by either the offset or letterpress methods. In most countries outside North America, company letterheads are printed A4 in size (210 mm x 297 mm). [1] In North America, the letterhead size is typically 8.5 x 11 inches.

  • Key Card Holder

Inject a little class into the check in process with our bespoke key card holders.

With space to include your hotel logo and promotional offers they're sure to be the key to unlocking increased brand awareness.

Not only a practical way of protecting the key card's magnetic strip they can double up as a highly attractive piece of hotel literature. If you fill the extra space with information on the Hotel spa, leisure and dining facilities or even a local map, it can become an essential component to every guest's stay.

Available in full colour, with single or double sided printing and a variety of finishing options to choose from, it's quick and easy to create your own custom Key Card Folders. We guarantee the finished product will be a little bit gorgeou

  • Comment Card

Comment card

Featured snippet from the web

What are comment cards? When you want to get your customer's opinions about their experience, one thing many managers and restaurant owners do is provide comment cards. Comment cards are brief surveys that allow customers to rate their experiences. Knowing customer feedback can be crucial if you're a business owner.

  • Wedding Invitation

A wedding invitation is a letter asking the recipient to attend a wedding. It is typically written in formal, third-person language and mailed five to eight weeks before the wedding date

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  • Luggage Tags

The tag on the outside of your bag should have your full name, flight information, and cell phone number. The tag on the inside of your bag should duplicate the information you placed in your checked luggage.

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Promotional Material

  • Myanmar Traditional Tanakha Box for Valuable Customers

At Quality Logo Products, we make ordering business promotional items like personalized boxs, water bottles and custom stress balls an easy and enjoyable experience. We're the only promotional products company offering a Total Guarantee.

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  • T-Shirts with Customized Design with logo
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  • Water Bottle with Customized Design with logo

Are you looking for the smart give-away items for your company? Here you are.

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  • Pens

Create your own design promotional pens for your valuable customers !

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  • Promotional Umbrella !

Custom Designed Umbrellas With custom imprinted umbrellas from Custom Ink, rainy days never looked so good! Our promotional umbrellas are perfect giveaways for conferences, meetings, golf tournaments and others etc.

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